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http://www.twhc.org.uk ... The Well House Collection - a museum for Melksham
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This server is a co-located safety net for Well House Consultants which is available to take over key services in the event of catastrophic failures elsewhere.

We are aware of an issue on main server - 3rd April 2018, 05:30.
20:50 Some domains back up and running and under test. Others in morning.
03.04.2018 10:30 - Confirmed as Main server failure.
11:30 - server is being rebuilt; several hours of work to restore. So e.t.a. this evening
I will attempt to restore on the main server before falling back to this secondary server.
13:30 Complete server rebuild necessary ... will be burning the midnight oil.
Server will be restored as it was on Good Friday
15:30 - uploading 40 Gbytes of backups
17:30 Key uploads done including source to build server on new OS
19:30 First test pages on a simple domaain up soon.
20:30 Some domains back.
You may see this page for a couple of hours due to DNS Caching.
twhc and twcrp to follow in the morning

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